At Element Fusion, my approach is simple – I ensure to capture the story of your love and your lives through a photo-journalistic and unobtrusive approach, leaving you with timeless, emotion evoking images that are fun, filled with laughter and tears of joy. Don’t be surprised though if you see me tear up during the ceremony during your vows, or hold back a sniffle or two as you read out your speeches. I pride myself on being open, honest and genuine, and so I’ll be crying with you!

Not only will I be totally happy for you and your significant other, but every wedding always brings me  back to my own wedding with my wife. We had a destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera and absolutely loved it. But it didn’t come easy – we planned for it ourselves and intentionally paid for it ourselves, so believe me when I say “I’ve been there, I’ve done that” – I know what you’re going through! But just remember, it’s a thrill and it’s meant to be fun! Planning your wedding day is one of the best (and most stressful) feelings in the world, but you just have to enjoy it.

To be honest with you, my wife, my family and I didn’t have the best experience with our photographer, and since I couldn’t photography my own wedding, I simply had to take it away as a lesson learned. That’s why I focus so heavily on building a relationship, rapport and trust with my couples by making sure I do everything I can to help you, and that means giving you nothing less than 150% of me. You see, I’m not in the business of booking events every single weekend. Every wedding or event is unique in its own way and deserves a personal touch – a touch you can’t offer when you’re busy shooting every weekend.  I carefully select and book only a certain amount of weddings per calendar year, so we can continue to deliver on our promise to you;  a personalized and customized experience catered to you and your needs.

So how can I use 25 years of experience in the wedding industry to help you?

We will actually start by sit together and talking about what you both envision for your wedding day. I’ll provide you with an information package to help you get started on your planning from a photography perspective, and from our initial consultation to the late hours of your wedding night, we will always stay in touch and I will help you along each step of the way. Whether you need to plan out your day with an itinerary (I send you samples of these!), or if you need recommends on other vendors (I have those as well), I’m here to help.

Trust to me, is the biggest factor when it comes to weddings, You are entrusting me to shoot your wedding and capture memories you wouldn’t necessarily see yourself through the fast paced day. Rapport is also critically important to me, because my goal is always to have fun with you, your families, wedding party and guests, to spread the positive vibes and really capture timeless and candid moments. So, you’ ll normally see me keeping things light but fun.

I also like to shoot 90% candid, with only 10% being “posed shots”; come on, you know people need help for the formal shots! But the secret is making posed shots, not look so posed, and that’s something I like to bring to the table.

So, what’s keeping you from  having a coffee with me? I’d love to meet with you both and hear about what you envision for your big day!