A truly authentic experience



Where do we start?


The first thing we will do is chat about your engagement, wedding or lifestyle shoot and talk about all of the details, such as dates, availability and what you envision. I love to meet my couples for a coffee or hot chocolate to get to know each other in person, or scheduled a video conference call for a quick meet and greet, after all, we will be working very closely together! The best time to contact me is after you have a date and venue booked, and this is usually 6-12 months before the wedding.


Document the details


Once we’ve had our initial consultation, you will be provided with a contract that outlines all of the service details, what you will receive, any terms and conditions, etc. Once I receive a signed copy of the contract along with your retainer deposit, your wedding day or photoshoot is officially booked and the date is reserved for you! Trust is very important to me, and so I do what I can to ensure you feel comfortable and can bring your true self to the table, so we can be ourselves and have fun. Documenting all the details and ensuring you know exactly what to expect is part of building that trust and rapport.


Let's have some fun!


I always recommend having an engagement photoshoot – why you may ask? Most of the time, couples have not had the experience of being photographed by a professional photographer. Sure, selfies and casual pictures are great, but during your engagement session I will actually help you and show you posing techniques for the wedding day to get the best photos, and while doing so, we will also capture authentic, candid and playful photos as well. This helps you to be more comfortable on the wedding day because you have already become used to being photographed by me. After the engagement shoot, you also come out with amazing photos that you can be proud of sharing, printing and getting ready for your wedding day! My engagement photoshoots are normally 2-3 hours long, and include unlimited wardrobe changes within that time. I also like to understand what types of photos you like and prefer, and cater my shooting style to match what you envision!


Planning the day


Planning your wedding day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! As you start to plan for your wedding day, I provide you with a free photography/cinematography planning template and guide to help you get started. I also provide you with a questionnaire that will help you to start thinking about your wedding photos. I am also available for you throughout the process from a photography or cinematography perspective, so you can call me, email me or we can even have a quick video call if you want to bounce ideas off me or get tips or recommendations. The best time to start planning the photo or video aspects of your wedding are usually 2-3 months ahead of the wedding date. Once you have a rough itinerary built and you’ve utilized the photography planning template, I actually meet with you in-person or via video chat, whichever you prefer, to go through the timeline to make sure it works from a photography timing perspective. I also review your timeline to provide you with suggestions and recommendations to make the day go smoother, and identify any areas where we can make improvements. If you have a wedding planner or other vendors, we are happy to coordinate with them as well.


It's finally here


It’s finally here – the wedding day! I will arrive early to prepare and get ready to capture your love story throughout the day using a photojournalistic approach. Because we’ve planned your day together and we’ve already had a fun engagement photo session, you already know what to expect so we’re just having fun capturing all the moments! Sometimes, the wedding day can be stressful or extremely fast paced, but I am there to help keep you grounded, do my best to keep you on schedule and make sure you are having fun! For majority of the day, photos are candid, authentic and real, but throughout the day I may guide you for a particular pose or shot, such as for dramatic editorial styled shots or for family photos. I also interact with your families, your wedding party and even your guests – I am naturally an extrovert and the more people are comfortable and having fun, the better the photos turn out!


After the wedding


After your wedding, the first thing I do is get back to the studio and back up all of your photos to multiple hard drives, before even looking at the photos or editing them. This type of safety measure ensures your photos are preserved and you don’t have to worry about loss of photos or footage. I absolutely love reviewing photos and footage so I normally look at everything when I get back to the studio and start to edit. You can expect to receive wedding day teasers within 1 week of your wedding, delivered to you and posted on our social media platforms. From there, I take approximately 6-10 weeks to go through and cull each photo from your wedding day, and edit your photos to a style of your choosing and preference. Once your photos are ready, they will be uploaded to a private password protected gallery for you to share with family and friends, while I prepare your final wedding package, which may include custom USB’s, photobooks, presentation box sets, etc.

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