This gallery goes a far ways back, as it was the first wedding I had ever photographed. Normally, you’d expect photographers not to showcase work that wasn’t their best, and admittedly this really wasnt at all, but the reason I post this is because of how special this wedding was to me. I

knew Russ from work, and when he asked if I could photograph his Indian/Sikh ceremony, I was honored. I met Karen and she was the sweetest ever, and I had a really good time shooting the wedding for my first time. I loved everything about it, from the Sikh customs, to the jewellery and even the the attire, it was so beautiful. Then on top of all that, I was capturing the love, happiness and tears of joy of one of my coworkers and friend.

I truly believe in never forgetting where you came from and who helped to get you there, and so while this wedding and gallery aren’t my best work, I am totallly appreciative I had this opportunity because it ignited a passion and joy I had never imaged would take me down the path of starting my own photography and cinematography company. Thank you Karen and Russ!


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