I first met Lisa and Kyle through some friends, who’s wedding I also captured through photos. We were referred to each other and Lisa, Kyle and myself hit it off right away and I knew we would have a great time not only shooting their engagement session, but also their wedding on their big day. Little did I know that Lisa and Kyle actually met in Grade 8 almost 17 years ago! Apparently, they met at a dance and he thought she was so beautiful he would chase her around the dance and ask all her friends to get her to dance with him. They stayed in touch throughout highschool and university, but before Lisa went off to university, Kyle said something really important to her…

…Before I left Kyle, told me to enjoy myself, experience all University had to offer and when I finished school, he would marry me. Naturally, I thought he was just being silly – we were 17!

While they did keep in touch, fast forward a few years, she came back and he asked for her hand in marriage. They had a wonderful wedding at The Mill restaurant in Bowmanville surrounded by family and friends, where I had the opportunity to capture all the love that Lisa and Kyle shared. It was small, it was intimate and above all else, it was a day of celebrating an amazing story of love between two people. It was truly a privilege to shoot with these two, and to hear about how they met. It is stories like this that make me remember all the good things about life and love.

Scroll down for more pictures from their big day!

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