East meets West.

That’s what first comes to mind.

I first met Maha + Louis when another vendor I had worked with at a wedding referred his cousin, Louis, to us. We met over coffee at Starbucks and right away, I could tell how connected these two were. Louis had this quiet and calm demeanor while Maha was kind of opposite, but both of them in good ways and so very passionate about their big day coming up. We talked about what they envisioned and what type of festivities would be taking place at their multicultural wedding, where Eastern Culture met Western Culture. I absolutely loved working with these two because the positive energy they had was just so refreshing – they didn’t stress (or at least didn’t show it), and didn’t worry about every last detail. What they did do, was make sure every one of their friends, family and guests had a great time. They laughed. They ate. They drank. They celebrated. And above all else, they enjoyed their wedding day, and that to me, was so incredibly beautiful in so many ways. Congratulations to these amazing two!

There are only two times that I want to be with you. Now and forever.

Scroll down for more pictures from their big day!

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