Engagements (or e-shoots) are so much! Many people often believe you get an engagement or e-shoot, simply to announce your engagement with some fun photos, but in actuality, it’s moreso an opportunity for us to get to know each other and have some fun. These fun and interactive sessions give us an opportunity to build rapport together, and get used to the photographing process. Usually about 1-2 hours long, we practice some of the techniques for photographing well, that will then be used on wedding day. I get to work with you both and learn about you as individuals and as a couple, and then I have the pleasure of being able to capture the love you share through timeless photos you will cherish.

After the engagement session, you would have experienced not only how it will be on wedding day, but most importantly, you’ll go home thinking “wow, that was really fun!”, and that’s exactly how I’d love for you to feel. Come to the e-shoot and let’s have some fun together – be yourself – be candid! If you have any furry friends, bring them along to join in on the pictures and fun! My goal with these sessions is for all of us to have a great time, and capture some memories doing so!


Small, intimate weddings to elaborate and grand, every wedding is beautiful and unique in it’s own way. That’s why I love capturing them! From the getting ready traditions to the sparkler send off’s, from the intimate details of a bride’s dress to the late night dance parties, I love capturing the memories through timeless story telling. Whether your wedding is 6 hours or 12, in the heart of the city or on a private ranch in the countryside, I would be honored to capture your big day!

Have you ever been to those wedding’s where it just seems so uptight or rigid? Yeah, those aren’t for me either. I’m all about the fun and genuineness, and that’s why you’ll find that I ask you to “just let go” and not worry about the specifics of the day. A wedding day is fast paced, but it’s a hell of a ride so why not enjoy it? I ask all my couples to put their worries, concerns and stressed aside (because I know they are stress!), but if you’re able to let go and just enjoy the moments, your photos and videos will be timeless, authentic and a true version of yourself.

When I’m shooting engagements or weddings, I always welcome you to bring any props that you feel are important. I’ve also had engagement shoots and weddings where couples brought their fur babies, and that’s totally ok! I’m a fur-daddy myself!

Let’s sit down and talk about how you met, how they proposed and what you dream your wedding day will look like. The more information you can give me, the more creative ideas I get trying to perfectly capture your love story to be told through timeless imagery.